Steeling The Mind
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During the live stream:

If the video freezes, click F5 on your keyboard (PC's) or Refresh/Reload (Mac) your web page. 

If you only see text that reads "Loading the player...."

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If you have a problem with your Steeling the Mind Simulcast that doesn't clear up right away, feel free to "TEXT" or call Shawn at Streamvuze, our live streaming provider. 

call or text shawn:  1-509-981-6883

During the breaks between speakers, you can click on the Israel icon to the right under the words "Featured Channels" --------->  It will take you to our Compass TV page where we have a 3 minute video with pictures from our past trips to Israel. If you've not been to Israel, this should fire you up to go! We usually have trips in the spring and fall, check our trips webpage for options:

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